Random thoughts


This mid-April(2022) I was honored to be part of the Afrobloggers Fellowship training. We were trained on Blogging, Vlogging, Podcasting, Search Engine Optimization, Mental Health and Wellness for creators, and Ethical use of the creative spaces. This whole training is what inspired me to move into my latest WordPress apartment.Blogspot was a scarcely popultaed neighbourhood.I’d walk miles to find my next neighbour.I had to move to WordPress town.So many creators here ,it doesnt feel lonely and deserted.Plus you know, towns offer more livelihood priveledges.

Moving my stuff from my previous home (Blogspot) was as simple as clicking the import button. On the other hand, settling down and organizing this look was the tough part. I had to consult people who moved in years ago. My blog buddy; Beaton, moved to this neighborhood ten years ago. He came in handy in showing me the extra details I should include so that people would know who owns this place; Adding my about page, and contact information. I was almost forgetting this; Beaton suggested I should throw a party to invite my neighbors and let them know I moved in. He said we should have an introductory post that shows my inspiration for moving in and what will be found in my apartment. Welcome to the party!

I am already missing my single room in Blogspot. It was amazing how you just open one door and find everything there.WordPress is more of a one-bed room apartment. When you come in , there is a living room that shows you the doors to the available rooms.I looove this upgrade.For that reason ,I have a room where I talk about Islam;My Deen(my faith).Another room where I share stories of the places I travel to;Travel.I have a creative non fiction room and finally a room where I share my side of the story;Random Thoughts.I might create more rooms in the future or merge some rooms to double rooms.I am on a journey of discovering myself and I am looking forward to sharing my discoveries in my apartment.

That said,welcome to my apartment.Feel free to drink and eat from the halal food as much as you can.Also I would appreciate if you leave a side note .

Cheers to moving in to a new apartment!


  1. A pleasure to meet you on this side of town and super glad that I helped you along the journey.

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds… here’s to exploring the many rooms life has to offer



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